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Standing at the Crossroads of New Media

Free Online/Offline Television, Movies, and Music Concerts with Hulu TV:

Hulu has changed the face of television and movies by offering streaming videos from a variety of major cable networks as well as flash videos for free.  It has recently released a beta-version which enables users to watch hulu on their desktop without being online.  Moreover, according to PC magazine in Dec. 2009, Hulu recently began to establish partnerships with record labels to host music videos and concert performances on the site, including EMI in November 2009.  Not only with mobile phones and perhaps even the recently released Ipad, but Hulu  is also looking to expand outside of the US and into the UK and Ireland in 2010.  Essentially, the certain cable networks and even Hollywood (DVD sales) are being threatened by this new form of new media.

  • I would like to investigate the impact it would continue to have on the television, movie, and music industries in greater detail.
  • Is this similar to the dilemma within the news industry competition between old and traditional journalism i.e. blogging vs. reporting?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of using Hulu vs. the televsion, dvds, etc?
  • Is Hulu a more integrated approach to viewing many different forms of media on a computer or Ipad?

Online music site to deliver new promotional music to DJs:

Serato’s online record pool called  ”whitelabel.net” has been a revolutionary outlet for quicker communication between record labels and DJs.  It has allowed DJs to circumvent the process of getting the promotional records through mail by allowing them, with the help of Rane’s ‘Serato Scratch Live’ technology, to download the songs to use with their Serato Itch, Video, or Scratch Live programs.  In turn, this allows the DJ to have faster access to new music and also be more efficient as a DJ :

Universal Music Group (UMG), the world’s leading music company, have commenced promotional music delivery to DJs using Whitelabel.net.  The Serato Whitelabel Delivery Network has successfully delivered 3 million tracks to over 40,000 DJs worldwide during over the past year. Working with UMG marks the first collaboration of its kind between a major recording company and a service specifically designed for DJs.  Using their Whitelabel.net service, we can reach the DJ directly and quickly with new music. Whitelabel.net is more efficient than sending vinyl records and more secure than delivering conventional audio files over the internet.

  • I would like to investigate further how this has impacted the DJ environment and more specifically the access to promotional music for anyone who has purchased this equipment?
  • How has not only whitelabel, but Rane’s technology of Serato influenced the DJ market since the birth of this new phenomenon?
  • Will DJing become relegated to DJing from computers, MIDI devices, and simply pushing buttons in the future?
  • Has this affected the overall experience with the club or party environment?

Cyber-spying China:

China has been garnering constant attention concerning its internet spying.  Privacy and even national security are vital matters regarding China utilizing the internet and even possibly Google to access top-secret/classified information.  Moreover, according to abcnews.net, “Google says at least 20 other large companies including finance, internet, media, technology, and chemical businesses were similarly attacked [by China].”  Additionally, there was even suspicion that US oil industries were hit by ‘cyberattacks‘ from China.  As China continues to strengthen its status as a world power contending with the US, this fear of ‘cyberwar’ could foreseeably mark a new era of digital spying and even a digital ‘Cold War’ of the 21st Century.

  • I would like to continue to investigate the significance and the scope of this type of dilemma with matters of privacy and international security.
  • How has the US responded to this threatening situation of international security and even national privacy?
  • What would happen if Google were to pull out of China?
  • What would this mean for US-China relations diplomatically apart from the economics?

Please help me to decide which one would be the most interesting to pursue.  Thank you.

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  1. ElzbthMllr 08:42, Feb 1st, 10

    I think these three are all great topics, but I have to say I almost posted a very similar post about Hulu before I decided to do my first travalogue on Twitter. I almost chose this topic because although I’ve used Hulu before, I don’t really know much about its history, whose behind it, etc, and I think it’d be a really good case study of one example of new media’s functionality.

    I think there is a lot of good research you could do in comparing Hulu and cable networks vs. old traditional journalism vs blogging. The whole concept of video’s role in the transition from old to new media would be really interesting. If you decide to do this post, you may also want to explore the role of YouTube (when this week is over and you can actually use it of course!) YouTube differs dramatically from both Hulu and traditional TV because of the whole user-generated content issue. But given its popularity I think you’re efforts at exploring Hulu as an example of new video media you can’t really ignore it! This is an article from Mashable, and it’s a little dated, but it asks whether YouTube or Hulu is the “future” of online video: http://mashable.com/2009/05/10/youtube-hulu-future/. I’m not saying it has to be either one, but it may be worth reading to help get you started.

    With respect to Hulu you could also look at (or maybe take good guesses) at certain channels (NBC, Fox) allow their shows to be broadcast, isn’t it because they know this is the future of TV, is it because their desperate and see no other way? It’d be interesting to try to flesh out Hulu’s business model. Could it survive if it starts to charge $ as it said last year it would eventually start doing? What were users reaction to that announcement?

    Also, lastly if I’m not mistaken, I think that Hulu is flash supported correct? What could this mean for people who buy and use the iPad which isn’t flash supported?

  2. Alexandra Cale 14:36, Feb 1st, 10

    I also think you should go the Hulu route. I think an interesting angle to consider is from the perspective of the major TV networks, which do not want to be circumvented and are clearly very against Hulu. To combat Hulu and other sites that give content away for free, you may have heard of new TVs that are just coming on the market that have built in Internet connections. Through the internet-capable TVs, you can connect to Netflix, Pandora, Flickr, etc – but you can also watch full episodes of shows from a network’s website, like CBS.com. Even though technically you are watching the show via your internet connection, you are viewing it on your TV, not on your computer – hence, you won’t mind that ads that show up, right? The networks have figured out that if you watch something in this way, then they can give you all the normal length ads, remain profitable, and still give you, the viewer, what you want.

    Another angle to think about is the Comcast/NBC merger. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, since Comcast is often a cable/internet provider and now owns NBC content.

  3. nadine 16:18, Feb 1st, 10

    Ryan, what great topics!! It’s really hard to choose. As you can do three travel-logs, you might can explore all of them.
    I would love to follow your investigation in DJing- isn’t it your passion? Have you used Serato? I think it would be more an investigative topic, with related “field trips” into the scene (I would volunteer if you’d need an assistant…). I think you could broaden the topic, and see how the DJ culture is influenced by digital media and music, how they connect it to their sets and show cases. You could explore the blogs of famous DJs, or you could bring the aspect of piracy and DJsampling.
    Have you heard about the movie Copyright Criminals?

    If you’d like to explore the cyber-security issue, here are some links:
    Clinton’s response http://www.state.gov/statecraft/ and the full text of the speech on http://www.state.gov/secretary/rm/2010/01/135519.htm
    The Center for Strategic and International Studies released a report on the dangers of cybercrime to large transnational corporations: http://csis.org/

  4. DanJee 22:14, Feb 1st, 10

    I am definitely very intrigued by the online TV idea. I have actually debated couple of weeks ago whether to discontinue cable at my apartment or not. It seems like I am reverting to on-line media more for television. Ultimately, the deciding factor came down to live sports in high definition, but it was an extremely difficult dilemma. I think exploring the Hulu phenomenon and other internet TV (like Justin.tv) is a fabulous idea. On-line music is somewhat in a similar line with the Hulu idea, but I definitely think Hulu is more interesting than music or China.

  5. Leslie 23:59, Feb 1st, 10

    The DJ idea sounds really cool- I don’t know anything about it, so I’d love to learn more. As nadine said, it would be cool to explore the topic from an investigative standpoint, getting first-hand accounts from all different types of DJs. I don’t know much about DJing or how professional DJs get their music, but do some get their music through piracy means? It would be interesting to compare the popularity of piracy to how successful Serato’s online music site has been at infiltrating the DJ community as a viable means of obtaining music.