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Into Travelogue #2 / Privacy, Google & Panopticon 2.0

Travelogue #2, first week:

Come up with a subject for your second log–your own free-formed New Media Travelogue.

  • This time you will research a media environment of your choosing. It can be a web service you use, a cellphone application, a media phenomena you are familiar with (telephony hacking, or Google Bombing for example), a social networking site, a media art movement, a mailing list, an audiovisual music scene you’re involved with, whatever happened with Obama’s Blackberry? Is Google pulling out of China? What is the anthropology of LOL Cats? whatever, it’s up to you.
  • You will develop a networked research, consisting of a thread running through different parts of your chosen environment. You will have to develop your own process of travel and navigation on one hand and log and report on the other.
  • This Travlogue will continue for 3 weeks

By Sunday 4pm:

Write one short post introducing your desired ‘travel destination’. You can suggest more than one idea and have us help you choose on the comments and in class.

By class time:

Comment on at least 3 other posts, ideally giving feedback and reference to more info on your fellow student’s subject of research.
Feel free to explore and surprise yourselves (and us).

Class Topic: Privacy, Google & Panopticon 2.0


Follow the rules for the class challenge – A week without Google

Required Reading/Listening:

  • Dan’s summary + at least one comment 

Recommended Reading:

  • This Week In Google 25: The People’s Republic of Google (mins: 02:00-53:36)

Further optional reading (Dan, you don’t have to summarize this one):


  • Read the articles and listen to the audio segments
  • Summarize it for us in a nicely accessible post to be published by Sunday 4pm, ideally running some threads between them.
  • Be prepared to present the articles in class
  • Post to del.icio.us some links that expand the discussion either about the text or about key themes in it.
  • Enjoy.

Remember! You’re not allowed to Google it! ;)

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One Comment

  1. HoniehBarak 17:21, Jan 30th, 10

    Corey Doctorow’s Scroogled opened my eyes dramatically as far as Google Products are concerned. I know that this story is strictly fictional.. but it does give way to many projects the government is involved in currently to invade on the privacy of people. I found this story to be *VERY* interesting and now I believe I will be more cautious as to what I do on the net. I have been having conversations back and forth in regards to Facebook with friends. Facebook has taken on a new phenomenon in social structure, people jump to conclusions based on what you see on there and sometimes there is WAY too much info being divulged on there (even if you set your security settings.) At times, I do want to be completely off the radar like that poor character MAYA.