Was browsing through the apps on iTunes store to see which one is interesting to download and came across this app called “Go Try It On“. The app basically give people honest advise on your look before you go out! Users can get an opinion or give an opinion, while you’re on the go. You can get feedback on your outfit from the app community in real time, or keep your outfit private and only get advice from people you know. The concept for the app is to have people receiving opinions on their outfit before purchasing or going out in instant. Of course from application such as this, where users share their outfit to potentially a huge community, there are rules and standards. From the “Go Try It On” website, they have a list of community standards, some rules include moderate your content, no nudity, etc. With a quick look on the website at www.gotryiton.com it seems like most users are female, and so far I haven’t seen any comments that are hurtful. I’m interesting in seeing what goes on in the community and what sort of comments people are giving.
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With the advent of new technology, it seems our country is packing on the pounds. People spend more time in front of the computer or TV than they do outside, and the number of people working sedentary jobs has risen drastically over the past 20 years. Many think technology is to blame, as more and more people are connected online and spend an enormous amount of time communicating over the internet. However, the American Heart Association has created a website to combat this problem. Read the rest of this entry »