Watch Our Video: Rebecca Black and Ark Music Factory

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Videography by Hannah, Kevin, Kristen, and Kyle. Edited by Kyle. Interviews Coordinated by Kristen and Kyle. Street Interviews by Kevin and Hannah.

We decided to take the phenomenon of Ark Music Factory and look at it from a few different angles. Instead of splitting up the work where each person studies a different website or entity, we have decided to look at a singular phenomenon from different angles. Hopefully this will allow us to see more clearly the context and why such a thing exists. This includes looking at the state of the music industry and how new media is effecting the way it operates and produces music. We would look at the trends in music and the shift to online music culture from radio and television music culture, also noting changes in music videos and how they are distributed and made popular.  From this we would then go into the background of Ark Music Factory itself.  First we will look at Rebecca Black, whose fame brought the group to the spotlight.  We will look at all the media appearances Rebecca Black has made and discuss how fast the cross-over from Internet to more traditional media is becoming. Also we will try to chart and discuss the proliferation of spoofs, parodies, covers, and things like cellphone applications that were made soon after she hit the viral stage.

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If you don’t already know, ARK Music Factory is basically a company that little girls (and boys) pay to have a pop song written for them and a music video produced for that song. They also become part of the ARK Music Factory’s “label” and get promoted by ARK. What brought ARK to the spotlight was the near instant virality of one of their “stars” – Rebecca Black. Only a few weeks later Rebecca feels like old news and irrelevant, but I think there is a strange phenomenon here that deserves to be looked at more closely. Read the rest of this entry »