I had started with the idea of looking at the relation between ticket sales and arts organizations’ Facebook popularity, but as you all pointed out in class that seems like a huge task and maybe an impossible one. On one arts marketing blog I was able to find that studies in this area have actually been done already. Yale Repertory Theater did a study on the relationship between their Facebook activity and ticket sales. I have tried reaching out to them to get their results, but no luck yet. Check out the blog post here: http://bit.ly/n5RiP and Yale’s Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/yalerep.

Since I’ve been having trouble finding any information in regards to ticket sales, I started to look at how non-profit arts organizations use their Facebook pages, and why they seem to be so successful compared to other companies. To keep my focus, I’ve stuck with the Metropolitan Opera and American Ballet Theatre as my non profits and Le Poisson Rouge and Madison Square Garden as my commercial venues. Here’s a breakdown of their Facebook stats:

  • Met Opera: 87,996 fans
  • ABT: 132,921 fans
  • Poisson Rouge: 6,806 fans
  • MSG: 373 fans

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I’ve added about twenty new songs to my music library over the last week, a rewarding result of my hard work towards learning more about the music blogs I regularly follow. Aside from some an extra pleasure boost due to all the new music, I’m beginning to develop a greater understanding of these blogs’ mechanics. When considering the types of transactions that actually take place on these sites, it’s hard to believe that they still exist, yet they prevail! They outnumber the music labels that they helped crush, and as it turns out, in many cases the labels are willing to collaborate with music blogs to help increase an artist’s visibility.

When I set out to work on the travelogue, I had in mind to follow all the blogs included in my daily blog roll. I eventually realized that this was too large of an undertaking to manage over the course of about three weeks, as I follow nine or ten blogs on a daily basis. I narrowed down my list to my four favorite: The Chuckness, Nah Right, Smoking Section, and We Wore Masks. Read the rest of this entry »