The online world of blogging has taken the globe by storm. It’s considered a form of self-expression, an outlet for creativity and a space for anonymous or a full-disclosure style of conversation to take place. As is already apparent, blogging has recently taken on a more legitimate form and usually establishes itself as a credible source of information, regarding any topic under the sun. Music has advanced in previously unimaginable ways because of the Internet and websites, such as blogs and Twitter. I truly believe that very few could claim to have predicted such a radical shift in the music industry resulting from the advent of the Internet, the labels did/do not seem to have be prepared for it. Yet, such a shift indeed took place and now we remain with just four major music labels, all of which are scrambling to discover new ways to maintain revenue now that so much content is available for free online. It’s ultimately impossible for them to prevent.

I took on the role of trying to understand what contributed to this major shift. How are the music blogs changing consumers’ tastes and desires? Does the act of receiving constant updates on music and news related to that music, change our expectations of how music is to be acquired? I take a stab at answering these theoretical questions by observing the “movement” on three hip-hop music blogs, The Chuckness, Smoking Section and We Wore Masks, and also reached out to each blog’s contact person (also the main contributor),all of whom assisted me in obtaining valuable information. Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve added about twenty new songs to my music library over the last week, a rewarding result of my hard work towards learning more about the music blogs I regularly follow. Aside from some an extra pleasure boost due to all the new music, I’m beginning to develop a greater understanding of these blogs’ mechanics. When considering the types of transactions that actually take place on these sites, it’s hard to believe that they still exist, yet they prevail! They outnumber the music labels that they helped crush, and as it turns out, in many cases the labels are willing to collaborate with music blogs to help increase an artist’s visibility.

When I set out to work on the travelogue, I had in mind to follow all the blogs included in my daily blog roll. I eventually realized that this was too large of an undertaking to manage over the course of about three weeks, as I follow nine or ten blogs on a daily basis. I narrowed down my list to my four favorite: The Chuckness, Nah Right, Smoking Section, and We Wore Masks. Read the rest of this entry »