I’m interesting in learning how Twitter is being used as a revolutionary tool in the Arab world. In 2009 we saw how the power of Twitter could change the mentality of a nation when activists outwardly opposed the reelection of Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Although their efforts could not change the outcome of the election, the Iranian people were able to freely voice their opinions on a medium that the government had no control over. This allowed the rest of the world to get a sneak peak into a secretive country, and gave people an understanding of the unjust system in place in Iran. As in many other countries ruled by oppressing leaders such as Ahmadinejad, mass communication is censored and people are only permitted to view and listen to what the government deems appropriate. Along with other social networking sites, Twitter gave the average civilian a chance to freely express oneself and fight for justice. Although at first this  seems like a limited wayto combat injustice, but those quippy and short tweets ultimately made a global impact. Read the rest of this entry »