The ads are everywhere. You see them on your Facebook page, on video streaming sites like YouTube, on pretty much any website you can imagine, and now they are on TV. It seems, at least to me, that Groupon came out of nowhere, and came out full force with an aggressive marketing campaign that would ensure visibility. In the past few weeks of researching Groupon, I have found this campaign to have worked as the company has become so popular and successful that it turned down a $6 billion offer from Google. Not the kind of offer just any company would turn down, especially one as new as Groupon.

However, with the way the site is taking off, it seems like the 30-year old CEO of Groupon, Andrew Mason, made a wise gamble. Read the rest of this entry »

Derek Tzeo rendered speechless by Wheat Thins advertisement film crew.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year you’ve probably seen the recent Wheat Thins advertisements in which the company’s film crew storms various customers who “tweeted” on their Twitter account @CrunchIsCalling and makes their days in accordance with their “tweets.”

I will spare you mundane “you had to be there” descriptions of the three commercials and let you watch them for yourself (in case you missed them):

More videos may be found at the company’s YouTube channel:

Not surprisingly, these advertisements were interpreted by the general audience as deliberate constructs which would appear authentic but were, in reality, intricately staged.  In fact, I must admit the thought that these commercials could be anything but fabricated did not even cross my mind.  And so it was with Derek Tzeo, who sent a tweet to @CrunchIsCalling denouncing the advertisements:

“Hey @CrunchIsCalling I think the Wheat Thins commercial are uber fake. How do they find people off their tweets?”

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