New Media Research Studio is a class dedicated to the applied and participatory study of a variety of new media environments and platforms such as blogs, social networking sites, mobile media, news aggregators, photo- and video-sharing services, massive multiplayer online games, and so forth. In particular we are interested in exploring the social, cultural and political dimension of new media by immersing ourselves in these environments and reporting back to the class our experiences.

The investigations we conduct take the form of “travelogues,” i.e. personal travel journals and reports from a field that constantly evolve on this blog thanks to the feedback (and criticism!) we receive from our colleagues and friends.

Over the course of four weeks, each student will produce a travelogue by relying on a variety of collaborative web tools to conduct and document the research online. In addition to a thorough analysis of the travelogues, class time is dedicated to the discussion of a set of weekly themes based upon assigned readings and audiovisual materials. (For a list of these materials check the “syllabus” section of this blog.)

We will be meeting in the Bobst Library (LL 145) @ NYU every Tue 4:55-7:25pm.

Marco Deseriis

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