The Basics

Writing and publishing a post:

Embedding images in your post:

Embedding Media in Your Post:

There are tons of web services that allow you to embed rich content on the page – video, audio, presentations, maps, whatever… Here is what you need to do to make them appear as a part of your post (it’s not bulletproof, but will work in most cases):

  1. Find the media you want to embed
  2. Copy the embed tag from the video/audio/map (it’s usually a line or several lines of code)
  3. Go to the editing window of your post
  4. Switch the view from ‘Visual’ to ‘HTML’ by clicking the ‘HTML’ tab on the top right side of the post authoring area.
  5. You will see your post text with some html tags (don’t panic)
  6. Paste the embed tag in your chosen location on the post
  7. Go back to ‘Visual’ mode and continue editing your post
  8. Save, check your post, hope for the best.

Embedding Video in Your Post:

This is a simple way to embed video from some of the main video sites:

  1. Find a video on YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, Vimeo or just a Quicktime or FLV file somewhere on the web or upload your video to one of these services
  2. Copy the URL of the page where you found the video. For example, in this video:
  3. Click the “embed video” button from the Visual post editor
  4. Copy the HTML code.
  5. Paste in your post (as above, so below)

Embedding a Slideshow from

Go to

  1. Upload / Find the slide show you want to embed.
  2. Click on the ‘embed’ tab
  3. Click on Customize
  4. Copy the HTML code
  5. Paste it in your post

Embed audio or video and make it Podcast compatible:

  1. Copy the url of your uploaded or found media clip. (after you upload a file the details window would sho you the URL) for ex:
  2. Scroll to the Podcasting area under the post body input box in the post editing page
  3. Enter the file’s url in the location box
  4. click ‘Add’.
  5. You’ll be prompted for more (optional) details – add what you feel like adding
  6. ‘Insert’ will place a player in the post (video or audio) and make the post podcast compatible.

*hit the ‘Add Media File’ button again to repeat this for several files per post


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