Living in Gramercy, I have received more flyers and door knob hangers advertising the new website “Date My School” than I know what to do with. “Date my School,” or DMS as it is referred to, is a dating website used to “facilitate meeting of students from different departments within the same school and between different universities.” 

What’s interesting about this site is that it is exclusive to a select few institutions such as Columbia, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and NYU. Since users need an active school e-mail to sign-up, the creators claim this prevents “any weirdos, SPAM, SCAM or fake profiles.”

Those  of you who have seen The Social Network are probably thinking this sounds pretty familiar to the beginnings of Facebook. But what’s interesting about this, is that the creators have in fact deemed this site “an anti-facebook” making your profile not accessible by anybody you know.

For reasons beyond me this website intrigues me in a way I can’t quite put my finger on. I think it would be really interesting to do some further research on this new and upcoming website in regards to the increasing number of users, particularly at NYU. In regards to its success (if any) ways we could ascertain this information could be trhough the email listed on the contact page that asks “Did you meet your partner on DMS? Please share your story with us.” This website is in its beginning stages and I feel like it would be an interesting travelogue to explore as the site develops and grows into something potentially huge.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been getting bombarded with marketing materials from this site as well, and it lead a few of my friends to create a joke profile. We used one of our NYU emails and then just went to town. Some stuff was accurate about the girl who volunteered to be the face of the page, but most of it was silly. So I have to wonder what’s really going on with this site. They’re certainly pushing it as the next big thing on college campuses, but I feel like most college students don’t use dating sites of any sort very seriously. Certainly there are some students, but for the most part it’s joke profiles or people looking for random hook ups.

    I feel like this site could be really interesting to look at to see if college students are open to new social networking/dating sites. I know there’s a matchmaking site at University of Pennsylvania that matches users together based on their Facebook friends. Using that, DMS, and maybe one other site, it might be interesting to see how students respond to these sites and if any of them are used seriously, or are just there for weekends when people sitting in a dorm room have had too much to drink (a la Chat Roulette).

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