Deviating away from my initial proposal, I have decided to take the opposite route: instead of researching how we can innovate social media, I am instead hoping to understand how social media is impacting innovation. IDEO, a global design consultancy known for their implementation of design thinking to develop innovative solutions for various companies, has established an online community called OpenIDEO, an online platform designed for creative thinkers to collaborate and share ideas, information, inspiration, concepts, and evaluations. Read the rest of this entry »

About a month ago my Facebook wall had been flooded with an onslaught of updates notifying me that my friends had “Just used a Tenka deal” at what seemed to be random restaurants and food shops around the city. One friend in particular seemed to be rather avid user, as indicated by the consecutive series of participatory notifications that had flooded his friends social network accounts, and so I inquired to him as to what the buzz was all about.

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Aside from doing manual research about Groupon over the past week and a half, it seems like the company is doing its best to come to me. Every day when I open up my email, I get a new message from Groupon telling me what the latest deal of the day is in New York City. The letter is very helpful in determining if I want to vote on this deal or not. It tells me all about the company, its locations, and even gives me a few more deals with an urgency that lets me know I only have 1 day left to buy it (!!!). It got me thinking, are Groupon’s jam-packed-with-info messages just a reminder of which deals are available, or overcompensation for something else? Read the rest of this entry »