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Will the Playstation Network become like the Somali seas or is Sony hyperbolized in its grandeur?

The brutal battle between Sony and the hacker community has been a heated contest. If anything, Sony has set massive precedence concerning their stance on hacking. They’ve essentially set an example of Greg Hotz as the ‘consequences’ of crossing them. The systems banned from using Playstation Network have been made an example as well. If I’ve learned anything covering this issue, its how matters of profit and miscommunication can result in resentment and animosity.

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It’s 2am. You’re trying to finish up a paper that’s due tomorrow, but instead you find yourself updating your status on Facebook, looking up that amazing new music video on YouTube, or catching up on your celebrity gossip on MSN. Everything but what you REALLY need to be doing. It’s something that we are all faced with at some point, even if some people fight the temptation better than others: distraction. Well, now there’s an app for that.

Introducing SelfControl, the Mac app created specifically for the distracted generation of youth today. Out of a survey I conducted with the majority of respondents 18-24 year-olds, 80% of themadmitted to having some sort of a procrastination problem, and one-third of them saying that it negatively affected their work. And in comparing Internet usage, With statistics like this, the world appears to need some sort of motivation boost. Is the app version of SelfControl, what we need to help our actual self control? Well, lets look at the app and what it can do. Read the rest of this entry »

Do you really want to hurt me?

In today’s age, technology is everywhere. And can do almost anything. Then there are those that can take technology and push it further. They can push technology beyond the limits created by its creator, they can coerce code into appeasing their unfulfilled fantasies and flights of fancy. These people are most often referred to as hackers. Read the rest of this entry »