Better, faster, longer. Those three words describe the developments in computing power and internet speed that allow us to communicate over long distances. It’s easy to say that we have come a long way this past decade in terms of speed and efficiency of communication considering the recent failings of the postal service to deliver my birthday card from Germany. These breakthroughs make it easier to maintain long distance relationships. Two convenient applications that I downloaded for my blackberry which are sure to be (and already are in many ways,) game changers when it comes to international communication make our relationship much more feasible. The one I’ve had longer, Facebook, is useful for social networking on-the-go, and a useful instant messenger when I’m at the computer. The other, Skype, complements Facebook nicely, and I primarily use it as an instant messenger; however, this handy application also allows me to make and receive free Skype-to-Skype calls to and from potentially anywhere in the world with internet access. Although Facebook has been getting a lot of the press lately, its high membership numbers only “come close to the numbers that Skype has” with over 520 million users and I predict it will surpass 600 million before the half of the year. 1 Read the rest of this entry »