It’s 2am. You’re trying to finish up a paper that’s due tomorrow, but instead you find yourself updating your status on Facebook, looking up that amazing new music video on YouTube, or catching up on your celebrity gossip

on MSN. Everything but what you REALLY need to be doing. It’s something that we are all faced with at some point, even if some people fight the temptation better than others: distraction. Well, now there’s an app for that.

Introducing SelfControl, the Mac-based application created specifically for the distracted generation of youth today. Out of a survey I conducted with the majority of respondents being 18-24 year-olds, 81% of them admitted to having some sort of a procrastination problem, with 12% describing themselves as having difficulties getting anything done. One respondent said, “Listening to music, hanging out with friends, getting late-night food, my desire to take a nap, watching TV…homework is pretty low on the totem pole.” When comparing Internet usage, over 60% said that they spent between 25-75% of their time on social networking sites, while ¾ of users spend less than 50% of their Internet time for educational purposes. This is an astonishing statistic, especially when considering the amount of homework assigned in college classes. Below you can see the statistical graphs from my survey, displaying the results. With these observations, it appears the world is in need of some sort of motivation boost. Is the app SelfControl what we need to help our actual self-control? Well, lets look at the app and what it can do. Read the rest of this entry »