The Web is so much more than just a place to exchange. It offers more than just ideas, products, information, news, and pleasure. For some of us it is a venue for community.  Some people find more, feel more, and experience more while surfing the infinite void of information. And they become so good at it that these people manage to find each other, they share their likeminded ideas, their relevant information, their similar humor with each other. These people find each other on social news websites. They form communities on these websites, they become committed to these websites, and make them not only part of their daily routine but their lives.  So if these communities formed on social news sites are so important and tight then why do some of them fade into the Internet abyss? Why do some social news sites, ones that were once filled with users that committed themselves to the community of the site leave? Are they just moving on to something better? Or are there other motivations, other outside forces that break the community and disvalue the site?

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