A video brought to you by Matt Gorman, Betty Wang, & Chelsea Christensen


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(There are two links because the video was over 15 minutes long, so we had to create two separate posts)

What We Did:

Betty: For this last video travelogue, my duties were to make the intro animation, provide a statistical background for the basis of our travelogue and interview digital strategist Eric Mayville of Code and Theory. For the background information, I wanted it to be relevant to the material I got from my interview, so I focused on the growth of digital advertising, exploring the different kinds of advertising in terms of the money that agencies as well as firms are spending to produce them. Read the rest of this entry »

By: Betty, Chelsea, Matt

For our final travelogue, we want to explore advertising online, specifically for the popular video site, Hulu.com.  Since the premise of Hulu spawns from the traditional medium of television, we believe it will be easily adaptable to compare to the effectiveness of advertisement in television. Personally, I would want to do this project in a slideshow and narration format since ideally, i see it taking shape as a focus group study of sorts where we can form a mock marketing research and analyze the effectiveness of online advertising as well as come up with potential solutions to key problems and/or suggestions for expanding reach. The slides will be made from statistics that we gather through field research (most likely in survey form.) We can record our individual analysis of the stats on top or have some kind of mock panel discussion about whatever visual we are confronting.  Our primary research, (aside from the survey in which we ask people for their views on the effectiveness of online advertising, what kind of advertising they prefer and why,) will probably revolve around conducting some interviews with a focus group. Read the rest of this entry »