Going into this travelogue I planned on dissecting the battle between two of the top social media news sites on the web: Reddit.com and Digg.com. I was aware of the two sites and their rival histories, therefore I planned on concentrating my research around where that hate was coming from and why the users of each respective site are so involved in the cyber battle for best social media news site. Well after some research, looking at site trends, and becoming a borderline site addict myself, I have concluded that the battle is practically over and that Reddit has come out the victor.  I had no intention in claiming a winner for this travelogue but when looking at statistics and talking to a number of former diggers it has become clear that Digg has become an internet ghost town, comparable to that of MySpace and Friendsters of cyber past. There were no more questions to why a battle was occurring but more so questions to why it ended. Once I realized that Digg was facing its end in this cyber battle I became more interested in why and how it “lost”. I decided the best place to start was with its history. Where Digg began. Read the rest of this entry »