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State of Online News

Digital delivery of news has become more established with 6 out of 10 Americans visiting online news sources daily. With the growth, monetization issues have arisen. Should loyal consumers who engage deeply with the content be worth more than a large audience of quick readers?

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James Curran, “The Future of Journalism”

This looks like a job for... Wait, what?

James Curran opens by saying that reactions to new pieces of technology in the regards of media and communications have often been miscalculated in the regards of the scale of the change and the actual effects that would manifest. In the 1970′s, band radio was going to reign supreme. In the 1990′s, American Industry expert Tom Laster amongst others said CDs would replace books. Needless to say such rampant speculation was never truly realized, so in an age where technology is showing all the signs of revolution, is it likely that journalism will be eclipsed by the juggernaut that is the internet? Read the rest of this entry »

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“Here Comes Everybody” (Shirky) , Chapter 3: Everyone is a Media Outlet

In this chapter, Shirky discusses the nature of 'professionalism', the meaning of  'journalism' and 'news', and explains the evolution of the processes of production, reproduction, and distribution of media (newspapers and television). He also discusses the idea that anyone can publish anything, anytime, and make it available globally, immediately, which he calls 'mass amateurization.'
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