S*** just got REAL!

Sony’s response and resolve for the hacked systems was swift and unrelenting in the past few days. Aside from their legal offensive on Hotz, Sony has succeeded in locking out any and all Playstation 3s from the Playstation Network that managed to hack their systems. This in essence means that anyone using a hacked system or account will be permanently banned from the online system that allows the PS3 to go online. Essentially, nearly all of its online functions will be deemed useless. Ever since Hotz’s unlocking of the PS3, Sony has been on an unstoppable offensive to oversee the situation. It has sued one of the main parties responsible for the hack, relentlessly hunted down the other parties responsible and now this. Needless to say, they’re on a warpath to make sure that this incident doesn’t repeat itself.

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Weekly Reading Response by Kate, Betty, and Matt

Here Comes Everybody – Clay Shirky

In Chapter 10, Failure For Free, Shirky explains the history and influence of open source software on the digital age. Quite plainly he defines open source software in reference to source code, the language of computer programmers when writing computer instructions for running software. Source code is basically the underlining makeup of the software that runs our computer operating systems. Such source code can be released with the software, allowing anyone with coding/programming knowledge to change or modify it to his or her liking. It also can be restricted and kept from distribution with the software, keeping the “ability to ready and modify the code with the original creators”(pg240).

The ability to change and modify code became known as the fight for open source software, a battle that did not pick up until the Internet arrived and allowed programmers a “global medium to communicate in” (pg241).

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Do you really want to hurt me?

In today’s age, technology is everywhere. And can do almost anything. Then there are those that can take technology and push it further. They can push technology beyond the limits created by its creator, they can coerce code into appeasing their unfulfilled fantasies and flights of fancy. These people are most often referred to as hackers. Read the rest of this entry »