While Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace all require some level of originality, Tumblr stands alone in its acceptance and dedication to the re-purposing of original material. Our professor recently declared Tumblr to be a medium that fosters a significant amount of parasitic activity; the many latch on to the creations of the few to feast on their ideas. But does this relationship and disregard of original creation inherently produce no value?

I  feel that the original work serves a stronger role as a tool for the expression of a thought, message, or claim. The act of the re-blog places an image, which makes a claim on its own, on a person’s Tumblr amidst other images that are all also making their own respective claims. Taken individually, each image can be seen as a representation of an idea. Together, the relationship between each of the ideas provides a new context for the image to be interpreted within, endowing it with a re-purposed meaning. The images on the profile showcase their relationship to each other and therefore showcase the relationship between ideas. On Tumblr, a complete lack of coherence between the posts is itself a unifying strain.

So how can these ideas be applied to an actual travelogue? I’m not too sure but am open to suggestions! The group create an array of blogs and reblog images to repurpose their meanings into the creation of an original act of self expression. Idea 2: We can surf through an array of Tumblrs and then contact selected users to have them make a vlog for us in which they answer a few questions i.e. what makes you the happiest? (or better ?s). We can then see their presentation on the video and relation to its Tumblr. Maybe we can make it an interactive expereince where first the person reading the travelogue has to look through the Tumblr and guess the person based on their answers?

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  1. bettycwang says:

    What about repurposing images as a form of art? Someone could create a kind of journalistic art piece of sorts, exploring the amalgamation of aesthetics and making a statement of some kind. As much as Tumblr is a collection of random things, the filtering of such creates a collective.

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