For the final travelogue, I think it might be interesting to combine some of the different topics we have discussed throughout the semester, including social networking, privacy, and identity. I propose that we take screen shots of different people’s FB information pages or a portion of their wall, leaving out any identifying information such as name, or photos of the user. Then, we can have other people try to make assumptions about that person: these could be gender, age, education level, profession, personality type (preppy, hipster, goth, etc.), what this person might be like in real life, etc. It would be interesting to see how much we think we can glean simply from a glance at someone’s facebook activity or basic information they provide on their profile. Once we have collected this data, we could post the screen shot and the assumptions, and then hide the real user/information behind a cut. After people have read through the assumptions and seen to what extent they agree or disagree, they can click the cut and see who the real person is, and see if their assumptions were true or not. For example, this is the information I have available on my FB profile. It would be interesting to see what people would make of the information in attempting to guess who I am, based on my job experience and interests. After I have read through other people’s assumptions about me based on this information, I can better understand what the information I put out there about me actually says about me.

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  1. peternenov says:

    I really like this idea and think it could be a fun way to apply our coursework to a medium that we encounter so frequently. I posted about Tumblr and it seems we had really similar ideas, maybe we can combine a study of FB and Tumblr, i.e. matching people’s Facebooks to their Tumblrs. So much potential!

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