Graduate Seminar on Marx

Announcing my Fall 2023 graduate seminar on Marx. The course is open to all graduate students at NYU, plus consortium students in the NYC area. Contact me if you have questions.


Time: Wednesdays 2:00-4:50pm
Course number MCC-GE 3013 (Special Topics in Critical Theory)

Much of critical theory finds its origin in the work of Karl Marx. This doctoral seminar will focus on reading (most of) Marx's Capital, vol. 1. Then, during the final three weeks of the semester, students will pursue group inquiry into a Marxist text of their own choosing. Overall the course will emphasize Marxism as a political and economic theory, but will also address Marxism as a critical methodology applicable to disciplines beyond economics. Themes for the seminar will include the commodity, alienation and reification, surplus-value, labor, machines, ideology, and community.