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  As part of a differences special issue on the dark side of the digital humanities, I have a new essay on methodology in digital media called The Cybernetic Hypothesis. Read the essay in conjunction with The Poverty of Philosophy: Realism and Postfordism, a critical assessment of speculative realism and object-oriented philosophy recently published in Critical Inquiry.  

The Cybernetic HypothesisOn the problem of methodology in the digital humanities.

The Poverty of PhilosophyOn speculative realism and object-oriented philosophy.

Laruelle, Anti-CapitalistOn Laruelle, Marx, Althusser, and what it would mean to have a universe devoid of exchange.

Black Box, Black BlocOn cybernetics, black boxes, Tiqqun, and what it means to have "no demands." Also available in German.

The Painted PeacockA chapter in the volume And They Were Two in One and One in Two, edited by Nicola Masciandaro and Eugene Thacker.

Creative EvolutionOn the work of Nils Aall Barricelli and his experiments creating artificial living organisms in the early 1950s. View a simulation of Barricelli's 1953 experiment. Or read a longer version of the article.

NetworksA chapter in the book Critical Terms for Media Studies, edited by WJT Mitchell and Mark Hansen.

Debord's Nostalgic AlgorithmOn Guy Debord's 1978 game "The Game of War." An HTML version including higher resolution images is also available here.


Interview by Pavlos Hatzopoulos and Thanasis Priftis of Re-public. (In Greek or English).

Interview by Henrique Costa of the Brazilian Digital Culture Forum. (In Portuguese or English).

Interview by PatrÝcia Cornils of ARede (Portuguese only).

We Are the Gold Farmers—Interview by Pau Alsina on protocol, networks, Google, algorithmic culture, counter-gaming.