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I can haz teknoluhgee – conclusion…

I apologize for this conclusion, the format AND the lateness – I had planned a video with images and swooshy lettering and such, but the tech gods were not smiling on me this time round. hence a podcast summarizing what I’ve gathered from talking to and gathering info from various people in the technology and education field, trying to get at what they think is the most pressing problem in education right now…


i can haz teknoluhgee – pt3


interesting patterns emerging regarding what people think are good and bad uses of tech in ed, current state of tech in ed, and future of tech in ed. I will hopefully wrap it all up in a beautiful way for the last installment.

a couple of points:

  • digital video seems to be having a positive impact on education
  • training seems to be a HUGE issue – the bad examples seem to point to lack of support for teachers
  • the future will likely be more individualized  - and students will shape a lot of their learning using new technologies

i can haz teknoluhgee, part 2

this week I learned the difficulties of coordinating meeting times. every time and date we set up fell through, but thanks to advanced alien technology, I was able to get my interviewee, Francisco Cervantes, to record his interview for me which I then edited down for your viewing pleasure this week.

the connections between how we learned technology and how we teach it is getting clearer… I also love the answer to the last question – you’ll have to watch to know what I’m talking about! =)


I can haz teknoluhgee? [part 1]

(Gah. I had many problems with the video. but it’s up, finally, I think. they’re still ‘processing’ the video… Forgive!)

Here’s my first interview attempt! I was able to borrow my friend’s Flip Video and interview someone who preferred to be somewhat anonymous, more out of bashfulness than any need to hide his identity, but it is something I wanted to respect.

YouTube Preview Image

As you can see, the interview is a little rambling and the subject is a little too broad – but it’s my first, and I think that after doing a few, I will be able to better hone my interviewing skillz and video editing skillz and also narrow the focus. Part of the interview process is to realize which questions work and which don’t – something I’ve already figured out a little, but this is also a record of sorts of my journey through the process!

Comments, pointers, suggestions for further interview questions are welcome!

PS: I used flip video, ffmpegX to convert the video, iMovie to edit and add title stuff. Took quite a while because I’m by no means an expert! Used the bf’s computer because mine’s so old and doesn’t have all this stuff =(

I can haz technology?

my kitty kat, yes.

my kitty kat, yes.

Yes, this is an extremely general question, but here’s my angle – I’m interested to see what are the earliest memories people have of adopting technology, and what caused them to do so. I want more than general answers – which will require some interviewing skillz, but well, that’s what I’m supposed to develop, no?

The target audience for this is people who started using computers or technology (and I’m using these terms interchangeably now, but will settle on one based on the output of my interviews) around the early 90’s when they began to be more accessible and ubiquitous. But I also know a few people who are late adopters – and this might be the more interesting group.

I plan on interviewing different people and asking questions like:

  • What is your earliest memory of using a computer?
  • Is there a ‘one event’ or ‘one person’ who inspired them/made them/helped them use the technology?
  • What made them take that step?
  • What helped you overcome that ‘fear’ of technology?
  • How has the way you were introduced to computers/technology changed or affected the way you help others start using technology?

And so on. My expectation is to hear about teachers, parents, friends, competition, envy, ambition, need, etc., that made them take that step – I’m interested to see how that occurred. And how that translates into their helping people learn today. AND, how that leads to their ‘tech identity’ today.

As I mentioned earlier, this does seem broad, but I was to start and see where it takes me. Look for my first interview later today/early tomorrow!