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Travelogue #2 and Going Social

Here goes:

  • Ask a question:
    In the next 36 hours (before 6am Thursday morning) publish a post with your main question as a title and a more detailed description in the content.
  • By next class time post at least once (more) to the blog reporting from the new media environment you are researching. Please be sure to format your posts in a way that would make it accessible to scan through before reading or would make it inviting enough for the rest of the students to read and hopefully comment. Use images, titles, block-quotes, links, video embeds, audio or whatever you think would help you get your message across and might make your post more appealing to read and provoking to discuss. Foster the discussion on your post and try to learn from it. After describing your environment first, you now go further in, trying to challenge your own preconceptions about it. Do not hesitate to change your initial focus if through the process you discover a much more interesting story on your way to your initial travelogue destination. (No conclusions are necessary yet)
  • Comment on at least 3 posts (at least).

* You are welcomed to post and comment whenever, it will be up to your strategic decision, depending on your reading of the blog’s dynamics (with the obvious goal of having your posts and comments contribute to a live discussion on the blog and in class)

Required reading for next week:

Recommended Reading for next week:


  • Read the three articles and watch the video
  • Summarize it for us in a nicely accessible post to be published by Sunday at 4:00pm, ideally running some threads between them.
  • Be prepared to present the articles in class
  • Post to del.icio.us some links that expand the discussion either about the text or about key themes in it.
  • Enjoy.