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Shift Boston Navigator

Boston Navigator is a search database for Boston based youth programs. The idea is great but the interface is a little cold. In my opinion it does not make looking for a program all that easy. visit the site and check out my comments.

Shiftin’ Some Spaces? Kind of..


So, as much as I love Shift Space (really, I think it’s pretty amazing), I couldn’t come up with many ideas for what to critique. I love the internet, and spend most of my days “surfing the web” for all sorts of fun things, but I couldn’t really come up with something that made me angry (I already did 4chan twice..) or was incredibly thought provoking. I also don’t use a lot of special applications or plug-ins on my internets, so there’s not a lot for me to critique. I’m not a very political person, and that seems to be what Shift Space is best suited for. So instead I decided to critique and explore the new “list” feature on Twitter using stickies. There are some caps under the cut. Also, I know Mushon told me about creating thumbnails for big pictures, but I forgot how to do it. HALP! Read More »