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Brand-created Content: Finding its legs

This is a short follow-up to my previous podcast on monetizing internet TV.   Unfortunately, my headset microphone  decided not to work and I had to use the phone, so I will re-record, and try to incorporate your content feedback into my second attempt…



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Monetizing Internet TV – a view from the frontlines

The following is a short conversation with Damon Campolo, head of business development for Purple Truck, a media company which not only produces original content, but is trying to find and maximize revenue models to fit the new territory of crowdsourced, internet TV.  Damon speaks about his experiences within the medium, and where he thinks marketing opportunities and challenges lie.

MonetizingInternetTV  [podcast]http://ia341342.us.archive.org/2/items/MonetizingInternetTv/anu_rao_2.mp3[/podcast]