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The Web and the Real World Vol. 3

Volume 3 of The Web and the Real World (as its come to be called).


The web and the real world… Podcast 2

This week’s podcast focuses on Facebook hijackings, social media & the legal system, Google smoke screens and more.


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We’re ready, are they?

In the realm of local politics , does social media create a stronger link between constituent and representative? In my analysis of Corey Booker use of social media, I can say that it brought Corey Booker closer to his constituents, but I am not entirely sure it brought them closer to him.

In my travelogue, I showed how well Corey Booker broadcast his activities to the citizens of newark. From youtube, to twitter, to facebook, there are so many ways to stay up to date and be inspired by all the hard work that Mayor Booker is putting in to revive the city. But how well can Corey Booker hear his fans? Is that the purpose of the fan page? I contacted the mayors office numerous times regarding these questions but got no reply.

While I did point out in my two previous posts that Booker did respond to certain comments, the response amounted to Booker asking to converse with the individual off of the page. Why is this? This lead me to think that the page is really just a place for people to sing the praises of booker’s work. Again, Im all for positivity as a means to get people excited and involved, but the dialogic potential of social media was missing. It would be wrong to label facebook as a public space in the traditional understanding of the public sphere. As Lauren pointed out in a comment on my last post, facebook is a great way to aggregate opinion, but the comments that the posts illicit are more often than not those that wouldn’t benefit anyone in policy making.

Overall I would say that the introduction of social media into the political realm is a good thing in that it provides another outlet for citizens to be aware of local issues, but for the time being, the potential of social media for garnering useful feedback is being squandered. Maybe the reps just aren’t ready to encourage their constituents to tell them how they feel…

Can Social Media Change the Relationship Between Representatives and Consituents in Local Politics?

large_Cory Booker tweets all day longThe website TechPresident.com noted on October 16th that Newark mayor Corey Booker has “833,779 Twitter followers, and 14,768 Facebook supporters.
According to the US Census Bureau the Population of Newark is 281,402 (2006 estimate) which means that Booker has more than 3 times the population of Newark following him on Twitter and the equivalent of 5% of the population of Newark as Facebook supporters.”

To answer the question I will embed myself as a fan of the mayor on facebook and I will follow him on twitter to get an idea of how he uses the two platforms. I would also like to connect with his staff regarding their strategy around using social media, and then connect with his constituents to see what they think of the mayors use of facebook and twitter.
What I am interested in seeing is whether or not local politics is using social media to bridge the gap between representative and constituent or if social media is just being coopted as another broadcast medium.

Social networking or just looking for sex?

I wanted to look into why gay men need a segregated social space, but as I continued to wrap my head around this idea I simply kept going in circles even I though I already knew the answer.  Sometimes you just don’t want to admit that those truths, that though they aren’t true for everyone, including yourself, you know that it’s the truth for the majority.  It’s like those stereotypes that people want to believe don’t exist even though we know that they still happen on a major level.  Read More »

Reading Summaries: Going Social

Here are the summaries for this week’s readings.

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