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networking a la Galloway and Thacker…

Note: Doing this was odd and difficult for me on a couple of levels. It’s incredibly weird to be writing a summary on a review of a book. But I’ve tried my best to capture what both reviewers are saying and the authors’ response. Not to mention the subject area is still very new to me so that meant reading these things 4-5 times!

I have to say this: after reading, I ‘got’ what was going on, but it is so so hard to articulate it. I found myself explaining it verbally to the bf because that helped to form my thoughts on the subject. A lot of the references are really beyond me – but Wikipedia is awesome! Seriously – a lot of this would not have made sense for me had it not been for Wikipedia. How did they do it in the old days??!!

Oh, and I had various stupid stupid tech issues with just the write-up – believe it or not, I lost my file because I was writing it in TextEdit and not saving because I just usually copy it over, and then computer crashed on me and I lost most of this post and had to recreate it. Sigh. See y’all in class!

The Exploit: A Theory of Networks, Alexander R. Galloway and Eugene Thacker

[and here's a preview...]

Review by: Daniel Gilfillan

Daniel Gilfillan describes the central point of the book as moving “the discussion beyond the emancipatory promise of the network to light upon the inherent systems of control and power relations that also inhabit it, and allow it to thrive”. Galloway and Thacker move away from the general viewpoint that networks are democratic and libertarian and instead call on us to view the network as having a power system that needs to be ‘exploited’ in order to break away from its controls. The authors talk of “the exploit” – a point within in a network which can be used to reframe the power structure of the network.

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