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Goodbye Temptation

For my ShiftSpace I returned to my previous exploration of the DList site’s interface.  As I had discussed to overwhelming amount of sexuality displayed throughout the site, I shifted the space by completely blocking out the initial imagery on the welcome page.  This, to me, really simplified the site and allowed you to be more open to what the site might have to offer rather than the bombardment of half naked men being thrown at you off the bat.  Granted I wish I could more easily use the source shift to accomplish my space shifting task, alas I think I’ll need more practice before I can do that.

Here is my permalink.

I did attempt to do another while logged into the site but it wasn’t possible to make it show up as a permalink correctly afterwards because you still have to be signed into the site.

Where’s my sex, OkCupid?!?

Let’s just jump right into it!

OkCupid’s on the line this time.  So what kind of interactions are they looking for their users to pursue?

Plus a concluding comparison between our two sites, OkCupid and DList.

OkCupid Tour Part 1

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Join me for a walk on the WILD side…kind of.

I made this post much easier than any of our previous ones as it will take place mostly within the embedded video.  So enjoy.

(I’m not sure if this video will be immediately viewable, but it should be very soon.  It took longer to upload and process than I expected.)

Part 1 of 2

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Social networking or just looking for sex?

I wanted to look into why gay men need a segregated social space, but as I continued to wrap my head around this idea I simply kept going in circles even I though I already knew the answer.  Sometimes you just don’t want to admit that those truths, that though they aren’t true for everyone, including yourself, you know that it’s the truth for the majority.  It’s like those stereotypes that people want to believe don’t exist even though we know that they still happen on a major level.  Read More »