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History Repeats Itself: Microsoft to Apple, Apple to Google

Although my travelogue has sought to establish a grounding for the battle between Verizon’s new Android phone and At&t’s Apple iPhone, I think that that there are so many minute aspects that contribute to the battle to encompase it in such a short travelogue.  Especially without extensive reviewing of the new device  by both the public and the media, it’s hard to see where the larger populous stands.  I’ve found it strange that I seem to have witnessed myself becoming more of a spokesperson for the Droid device even though I haven’t seen or played with the actual device myself.  I have had the chance to use the iPhone extensively and do understand the appeal to such a device, and have bought into the hype only to the extent to which I own its little brother, the iPod Touch.  Read More »

All about the hype…where’d it go?

I know I was just as excited as everyone else to see if there was any profound revelations that might be revealed at the unveiling of the Droid by Motorola.  Unfortunately, even with the few revelations that were made, it was a little lackluster, likely due to its pre-hype status.  Though I planned on specifically discussing a few sections within this post, I think I will rather integrate some of this information with some of the newly unveiled information as they relate to each other.  So here’s a little run down. Read More »

What Does the Droid by Motorola Bring to the Table to Make it an iPhone Contender?

     Although it hasn’t been “officially” announced, the Droid by Motorola is the newest Android OS based mobile phone to be announced, and pressumably the first Android based.  (I say pressumably because there is a new rumor that there might be another phone that might be released before the Droid by Motorola)  For this travelogue, I’m going to follow the lead up to the official announcement of this particular phone and the media/internet reaction to the device afterwards.  Unfortunately, it is looking as though the phone will not be release until November 9th, so I won’t be able to get my hands on it to give you all some first hand reporting.  On the plus side, there has been so much excitement around this phone that the news and the leaks are abundant.
How can this…
 take on this?
take on this?

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“Android Attack!” OR “Rediscovering 3D?”

For our third travelogue I would like to take a look at one of the following topics:







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