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Galloway's comments for our dossier: ---

Good work here in this first dossier. I like how you described the
newsreel in terms of a remediation of newspapers, particularly the
organization of sections and articles. You described the formal
structure of the newsreel including narrative, etc. (the voice over
narration creating unity out of disparate film sources), and how it
adopted different contexts and narrative styles from different sources.
The description of the balance between fact and fiction was also
interesting, particularly when you demonstrated that this narrative is
built into the film through restaging and reenactment. I like how you
talked about about Crary and Zielinski, and how you talked about film
in terms of both dioptric and catoptric phenomena. Good work on film as
a fusion from discrete to continuous, the image only being an apparent
effect. The section on speed was also nice, how playback influences if
we think it's real. I also was fascinated by how you discussed the
aspect of time delay and the notion of the "first pictures" as
dramatization of the news. You talked about the war as a four year film
with hundreds of parts, and that the dramatization united people around
a discourse of national unity, all of which was helped by the
perception of realism in the newsreels. I particularly liked how you
talked about the balancing of "fictional facts." For improvement I
would like to see more of an argument here, more engagement with the
assigned texts, and more use of the critical techniques. Try to steer
clear of the Wikipedia-style neutral or descriptive language and really
do a close reading of your artifact in which you make a clear argument.
Overall a good first start to the semester.