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  • ...n - a finish line to which they sprinted. Against the backdrop of the Cold War, the U.S. space program provided a platform upon which America could negoti ...spoon-bowl or the cultural familiarity of the Skylab tray. Though the Cold War continued for another twenty odd years, this partnership in space represent
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  • ...andon 4). Likely owing its popularity to pervasive grief from recent Civil War casualties, Spiritualism, or the belief that spirits of the dead residing i ...rce” (Jolly 70). Ectoplasm photographs peaked in popularity after World War I and concentrate on documenting a spirit’s “physical impact on the bod
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  • ...le with the end of the Great Depression and with the world on the brink of war. Thus, money and entertainment were scarce. However, the View-Master, marke
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  • ...verting the light back into sound was not perfected until the end of World War I. By then, the Western Electric Company had taken over the execution of De
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  • the motivation for the next implementation of the Dymaxion house. World War II saw a huge need for cheap, durable houses which could withstand extreme ...y to provide incentive for it’s workers to stay in their employment post-war, and Fuller was satisfied with an order for two prototypes from the Air For
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  • an end on February 19, 2008 when Toshiba officially conceded the format war to Blu-ray. Belson, Ken. "Early Salvos in the High-Definition DVD Format War." The New York Times. 24, Nov. 2008. <
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  • the humanities are engaged: rethinking the common in the age of global war and neo-liberal Empire: "This perspective opens up a fundamentally new task
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  • ...has gone, what it has accomplished, and it communicates the message of its war/peace intentions</td> ...pipe is the sign of peace while an illustrated broken pipe is the sign of war.</td>
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  • ...d power occurred all around him. Growing up, he was trained in the arts of war and mathematics by warlord Gian Giacomo de’ Medici. He soon developed int ...llustrated inventions and mechanisms for raising water, milling grain, and war time machines. Noted for originality, these inventions are also known for b
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  • ...r, as it would have enabled me to preserve copies of my letters during the war, which to me would have been a consoling possession.''
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  • [[Image:Newsreel_Title_Shot_-_First_pictures_of_Norway.jpg|thumb|right|alt=War in Norway|[ ...nce. In peacetime regarded as a form of light entertainment, during World War II, it gained national significance as the primary source of news images of
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  • ...reciation for its speed and durability , “The value of the Heliograph in war operations is becoming more apparent every day ; the message could not have ...manded, by the apparatus, to perform regulated mechanized movement. The US War Department Manuel (1910) stresses the need for “perfect adjustment” ach
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  • ...s application as a recreational and diversionary activity during the Civil War. Use of the dance card faded in the 20th century as dance became less gende
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  • * The '''underground missile silo''' is a relic from the Cold War that serves as a storage media for intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICB evolve with changing improvements on the design and function of nuclear war missiles dating from the Atlas F missile, Titan and Minuteman missiles.
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  • ...these musical cinematic gems have roots dating back to the start of World War II? And then they developed out of a "visual jukebox" called a Scopitone wh Invented in France right after World War Ⅱ, Scopitone were short 16mm films named after the modified jukeboxes the
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  • ...severing of relationships which would lead to an official proclamation of war. The herald would also be used to bear proposals of truce or armistice. ...n attributed to the Greek warrior Stentor, who played a part in the Trojan war and whose voice was said to be as powerful as the voices of 50 other men. T
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  • ..., disembowelment, and dismemberment. But the audience dwindled after World War II as real-life violence overshadowed that of the Grand Guignol, and the th ...nciful imagination. It is only when the horrors of the Holocaust and World War II become public that spectacular violence is no longer viewed as imaginat
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  • ...h century America with the increased policing of sexuality related to Cold War conspiracy, the McCarthy trials, and the White Flight to the suburbs. The m ...elf-navigation of spy-vs-spy. The homosexual in the closet embodies a Cold War-style logic of mistrust, which Eva Horn defines as "the logic of one's own
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  • ...d to the US by means of espionage&mdash; it was not until the end of World War II that a German Magnetophon tape deck was discovered by army specialists a ...onto the world stage as <i>literally</i> a black box, the spoils of World War II. As far as dubbing (or duplicating video) is concerned, this act requir
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  • ...stabilization as a result of the horror of World War I and entering World War II on all sides of the ideological spectrum. Mussolini was quoted as saying
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