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Flatness as simplicity: simplicity of process as well as message. Flatness as a quality of roundness depending on the scale

Socratic fear of writing Books become flat because we accept their message as flat. The globe as a remediation of the map, both are still around

Flatness: necessary flatness -> 3 dimensionality -> Flatness 2.0: Aesthetic flatness, flatness by choice Aethetic within the flatness Flatness as part of the medium and then becoming part of the message after passing through 3 dimensionality

  • I put in my stuff that I have so far, but am working to dig something out of Flusser and maybe Zielinski if I have time. I hope you guys like what I have so far.

Digital PDFs as a remediation of books (pages) Hypertext as a binding, not as a spine, as a tissue, as an intellectual binding . As an organizational system.

Etymology of face value