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The Cover of Robert O'Harrow's No Place to Hide: Behind the Scenes of Our Emerging Surveillance Society

Manovich: "I am a mechanical eye" -> subject-less machine vision

Vertov expressed this most adamantly in his vision of a “new, perfect man” constructed through the new machine technologies (17). Through the interaction of human and machine, the hybrid vision of the kino-eye becomes possible. His idea of the kino-eye was of a machine-eye, or camera-eye, which could achieve a better and clearer vision than the “naked eye” of human vision. In his writing, Vertov promotes the enhancement of the human vision through the machine, but also goes so far as to endow the camera-eye with its own voice. Vertov writes from this hybrid point of view, where the first person “I” is the voice of the kino-eye. As the kino-eye states, “I make the viewer see in the manner best suited to my presentation of this or that visual phenomenon.” Vertov continues, “The eye submits to the will of the camera and is directed by it to those successive points of the action that, most succinctly and vividly, bring the film phrase to the height or depth of resolution” (16).

The need to supplement vision with mechanical vision.