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  • in movie theaters), ease them into a new “world,” cut them off from reality, or prepare them for impending shock is unclear (perhaps all of these were ...). The “real” disappears beyond the panorama – all that’s left is reality depicted upon a circular canvas, and the effects were mentally and physical
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  • [[Image:VirtualBoyJapan.jpg|right|Japanese advertisement for the Virtual Boy]] ...esented with a potential new lineage of entertainment enjoyed through true virtual space instead of just staring at a flat, distant screen.
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  • ...he Bandai Corporation of Japan, it was marketed as “the original virtual reality pet” (Lee 305). The toy was the brainchild of inventor Yokoi Akihiro. Mot ...368). Appropriately, the game begins with a tiny egg, from which hatches a virtual animal. The object of the game is to care for the animal by performing vari
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  • ...ence of speaking is one of metonymy, not about producing a mimetic copy of reality, but speaking as about slipping away, dividing the subject, and subjectivel Levy, David N.L. "Robots Unlimited: Life in a Virtual Age". Wellesley, MA: A K Peters Ltd, 2006
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  • ...cause it is easier to live with a screen of fantasies rather than face the reality of our past. To use his terminology, memory is tendentious in that it refle ...y palaces were constructed out of an anxiety for memory being lost, but in reality it is always already lost.
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  • ...64-bit graphics and 2D “sprite” to 3D “polygonal” game animation. Virtual Boy fits into the overall history of video games as a wholly transitional e Virtual Boy was invented by Gunpei Yokoi, a long-time Nintendo hardware and softwar
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  • ...pals. I was particularly taken with the idea of CyLandia, which features a virtual creature that's like Pokemon except that you can beam it to other users. (I, the Cybiko was designed to resemble a space age piece of equipment. In reality it resembled a large calculator or walkie talkie. The classic model was enc
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