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  • *Interactive Games (Housel 44) <br> ...ers acknowledge the rising popularity in pay-TV (aka cable) and home video games, as possible indicators that people would be willing to pay for these servi
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  • ...rse of an entire industry. He failed due to the conservative nature of the games industry, as well as the American (and Japanese) public’s reluctance to t ===Gunpei Yokoi: The Godfather of Portable Video Games===
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  • The Tamagotchi was a small, egg-shaped, hand-held LCD video game that was created in Japan in 1996. It became wildly popular in Japan, ...bility and nurturing behavior. In contrast with the often violent computer games and television shows that most children, and particularly boys, enjoyed, Ta
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  • ...simplistic toy, in the age of the Internet and high-end, interactive video games, is still being swept off toy store shelves after seventy years means there
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  • ...the newsreels. Some cameramen were sent out on specific assignments (ball games, visits from royalty, contests, etc.) and others had a specific beat to cov .... Among the largest sources of stock footage is the US government, as all video footage shot by the military, NASA, and other agencies has also become publ
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  • ...s similar observation that there are “two basic types of action in video games: machine actions and operator actions…acts performed by players” (Gallo The 3DO was equipped with a 32-bit central processing unit and had 1MB of video RAM. The 3DO had several “folios” that allowed a relationship between s
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  • Unlike, more modern arcade machines--video games, pinball machines--mutoscopes have changeable programming, or content. To c
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  • ...Oriented virtual realms (MOOs), because although they are not technically "games," they are text-based virtual worlds which users can explore and navigate w ...ds in order to navigate the world. By this definition, text-based computer games are interactive fiction. But taking the term literally, there are several f
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  • ...nal” game animation. Virtual Boy fits into the overall history of video games as a wholly transitional experiment. ...atch (1980) and Game Boy (1989) handheld systems and working on successful video game franchises such as ''Metroid''.
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  • ...e systems' death and its relation to the ongoing negotiation between video games' military and arcade oriented genealogy as they adapt to domestic settings. ...s an attempt to promote the archival and investigation of various obsolete video game technologies' historical importance to developing standards in the pro
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  • Video and audio are stored on a Laserdisc (LD) as an analog signal. Just like a ...pular for mainstream consumers because they could only store 30 minutes of video per side. The frames of CAV discs correspond to actual film frames, and a
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