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  • .../2010/09/19/magazine/classroom-technology.html/ The Evolution of Classroom Technology]
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  • An example of magnetic tape sound recording technology, the 8-track eventually became a redesigned version of several existing tap
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  • Roughly ten years later in 1843, the technology of the zoetrope and phenakistiscope would be combined. T.W. Naylor devised
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  • ==Deliberately Flat Technology== ...comfortable with machines that could “read themselves” as representing technology, the media before CDs were still reading a text which, even if not quite pe
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  • ...). The language of this patent makes it plain that he did not invent this technology, but instead made vast improvements upon the original, which consisted of a ...ectangular “tube” on rails. Time is clearly of the essence here; this technology would have been utterly useless had it not been extremely timesaving. Addi
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  • ...d eventually be the most widely dispersed outgrowth of these advances, the technology and concept were first put to use in a variety of small-scale communication Today, the concept of a hotel annunciator is no longer embraced as a technology of service. More currently used for alarms, the annunciator has become a sa
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  • ...d radio. One of the initial demonstrations of the news via radio facsimile technology was conducted on April 17th, 1946, when it successfully printed a four-colu ...or the newspaper via radio facsimile, there are many articles covering the technology including pictures of people posing next to the devices in their homes. Ad
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  • ...hout needing a large crystal of an esoteric mineral" (Save Polaroid). This technology enabled not only the development of the Polaroid camera but sunglasses, 3-D ..." (The New York Times). Polaroid claimed that Kodak illegally copied their technology and "entered Polaroid's exclusive field" with their 1976 introduction of an
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  • ...refuse to use Facebook and stick strictly to their cell phones; the newer technology is useful but slightly scary, with the potential for many drawbacks. While is in fact the only truly dead medium posted on this page, as the technology used is in a very literal sense extinct (see: [[Where do media go to die?]]
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  • ...ce nausea and dizziness which were reported during the early stages of the technology. These complaints have followed 3-D television from the beginning as the e Clapperton, Guy. "Technology: Inside IT: You won't believe your eyes when 3D TV becomes reality: Perfect
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  • ...ns of music that revealed music to not be just a beautiful art but digital technology as well.
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  • ...ect (film), and despite advancements that have been made with film-editing technology, there are certain filmmakers that continue to stand by this process. As we When the technology of digital editing systems entered the scene in the early 1990s, it brought
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  • ...usive in terms of definition. There are numerous names for these types of technology that came into existence in the very early 1980's including Teletext, Video ...ficient key placements, Minitel locked users into a relatively inefficient technology that nonetheless still served an extremely valuable function" (Trumbull 61)
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  • ...ty." Leonardo, Vol. 20, No. 2, Special Issue: Visual Art, Sound, Music and Technology (1987): 139-142. JStor. NYU. 8 Nov. 2007.
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  • ...during daily data-processing is a hybrid-construction of the self and the technology. Varying degrees of active, controlled cognition were described in Hofmann ...o the subject's experience is clear; arguments and conversations about the technology appear and guide some parts of "Soliloquy," while the non-address of the re
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  • The NeXTStep was an “object-oriented technology that Apple’s Pink engineers were just starting to develop” (Carlton 409 ===Object-oriented Technology===
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  • ...tion is that an inadequacy of the semaphore telegraph is solved by another technology. To see signals miles and miles away, a telescope is needed. "Telescope mak Another important aspect of semaphore telegraphs is not about the technology itself. Rather, being situated on top of hills, semaphore telegraphs work w
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  • ...makes this the most obvious, since there was literally a new communicative technology within a child’s toy right after this medium was invented. But “the ob ...tandard "toy" for children for centuries, so the only way that a new media technology could be marketed as a toy was to encase it in the most standard toy possib
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  • ...with a deal of opposition. This can be seen as a pop and whistle of this technology. No matter how much training in the writing one can have, every piece tran
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  • ...sonance to increase the sound energy itself, this is conceptually the same technology that ear trumpets use to amplify sound. The hand cupped over the ear can a ...could be attained by prison guards(Bennion 3). This implementation of the technology is unique because of its intended use, spying, which vastly differs from pr
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