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Over nine episodes, Andrew Culp & Alexander R. Galloway offer a close reading of philosopher Alain Badiou's major treatise Being and Event (1988) followed by special guest interviews.

Episode 1 - On the Question of Being, ft. Knox Peden
Episode 2 - Belonging, Inclusion, and the State, ft. Nick Nesbitt
Episode 2A - Badiou vs. Deleuze, ft. David Maruzzella and Gil Morejón
Episode 3 - Nature & Infinity, ft. Sarah Pourciau
Episode 4 - On the Edge of the Void, ft. Elisabeth Paquette
Episode 5 - Breaking the Law, ft. Anna Kornbluh
Episode 6 - The Impasse of Ontology, ft. Calvin Warren
Episode 7 - Forcing the Generic, ft. Madhavi Menon
Episode 8 - Theory of the Subject, ft. Andrei Rodin